* Note - This references Charlotte but it works the same for Asheville Market

Simple 3 Step Process:

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The application process is simple, and only costs $75 per household - not per person. A team completes a review within 5-7 days, and lets you know how much you are approved for through the program.

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Once the application is approved, we look at traditional homes for sale, just as if you were buying the home. When you select your home, we submit it for approval, and the private equity investor purchases the home with cash. And you get to lease the home with an exclusive right to buy, for up to 5-years.

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If you love the home, you can exercise your right to purchase & buy it! 

Simply get approved for the mortgage, and everything is easy in this process, as the purchase price was pre-negotiated when you moved in.


However, there is no penalty or fee if you decide not to buy the home!


In order to qualify for the program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum 6-months of stable employment

  • Minimum household income of $70,000 per year (before taxes)

  • Credit score of at least 580

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcies are DISCHARGED.

  • Chapter 13 bankruptcies are in the payment plan stage and ALL payments are made on time.

  • No felony convictions.

  • No prior evictions or outstanding apartment collections

  • You can not be currently in default under a lease agreement.

  • Debt to income ratio (including requested rent) below 45%

  • Be at least 45 days prior to the needed move in date


Not all homes qualify. Here is a list of the main requirements for homes to be able to be approved as a home for rent in the program:

  • 3-bedrooms or more

  • 2-bathrooms or more

  • Must be on under 2 acres

  • Top rated high school district

  • Can not be located along a major highway, under airport flight paths, under high tension power lines.

  • Single family home or townhouse (fee-simple, no condos)

  • Traditional Purchases ONLY that are move in ready – Bank Owned, Short Sales, or Auctions are not considered.

  • No pool on the property

  • Home cannot have un-permitted work done on it

  • No modular or manufactured homes

  • Minimum monthly rent is ~$1250/month and up.