Successful National Home Rental Program Opens up the Asheville and Hendersonville Markets in October 2020!!!
  • New to the Area and just want to try it before you buy it?
  • Don't quite have the credit to buy just yet?
  • Frustrated with the current rental inventory?
Choose from over 500 options as the investor buys homes for sale and leases them to qualified renters!
Could I qualify?

Step 1 -  Review High Level Qualifications:

  1. Do You have an annual household income over $70,000?
  2. Is your FICO or credit score over 580?
  3. Do you have at least 45 days prior to your needed move in date?

Step 2-  Browse for homes for rent in Asheville and Hendersonville:

To avoid confusion please do not register on the investors site for a specific home or their program until you have contacted us!!!

Select Your Monthly Rental Amount

Step 3-  Obtain Key Information:

Concerned about registering? Don't be. Check out this news article to ease your mind!

We do not sell your information. The email just allows us to send you next steps if you are still interested.

Thanks for submitting!

Step 4-  Understand Our Market:

Service Area

Discover Asheville 092519
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Step 5-  Learn How it works:

 * FICO scores as low as 580 accepted

* Lease It. Love It? Buy It!

* Most homes for sale turned into rental option

* Operating in over 30 Metro Markets in the US

Step 6-  We will contact you soon to discuss and determine if it is a mutual program for all parties!