Successful National Home Rental Program Opens up the Asheville and Hendersonville Markets in October 2020!!!

Step 1 -  Review High Level Qualifications:

  1. Do You have an annual household income over $70,000?
  2. Is your FICO or credit score over 580?
  3. Do you have at least 45 days prior to your needed move in date?

Step 2 -  Register for the site:

Step 3-  Browse for homes for rent in Asheville and Hendersonville:

To avoid confusion please do not register on the investors site for a specific home or their program until you have contacted us!!!

Select Your Monthly Rental Amount

Step 4-  Understand Our Market:

Service Area

Step 5-  Learn How it works:

 * FICO scores as low as 580 accepted

* Lease It. Love It? Buy It!

* Most homes for sale turned into rental option

* Operating in over 30 Metro Markets in the US

Step 6-  We will contact you soon to discuss and determine if it is a mutual program for all parties!



                 704-778-1211 (Stefanie)

                 864-567-9009 (Mike)


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